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Patron Production would love to hear from you. We’re ready to talk coffee (over coffee), discuss Dr Who or Harry Potter, and tackle your biggest questions (Doesn't have to be business)...
37 commercial road, London
(+44) 02031295809
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About Us

Our Approach

The world is not as it was when we started the journey and will not stay the same. We understand the needs of this constantly changing world and what it requires for brands to get the best out of their budget.

We create Feature Films, Videos, Photography, Adverts, Print and Radio advertising that works.

Discover the most creative and honest production house who puts your need and budget first to create the dream you visualized.

Headquartered in London with outposts in India, Malaysia, Taiwan and Seattle, Patron Production was founded by Digpal Singh in 2013.


Why "Patron"

We believe in magic and as the name suggests the "Patronus" is the most famous and famously difficult defensive charm that produce a silvery-white guardian or protector, which takes the form of an animal.

Well enough magic lessons for now. The foundation of Patron Production always been to create magical content for our clients and magic is not always fairytale or flying broomsticks, sometime you need more than magic to get a shot done or to have a team by your side who will work passionately after hours to successfully complete the project.

Whether you’re looking for full campaign integration or seeking expertise in a single discipline, we’ll help you grow your business by aligning your brand to the needs of your customer.